"Sharomov Vocal Ensemble a Russian treat"
article by Kristina Church, Click Here

Performing of the Pavel Sharomov Ensemble was a real artistic sensation of the "Festival of Ancient and Modern Music" (Khabarovsk).The main components of success were in the quality of vocal intonation and ensemble sounding of the "sharomovs", their stylish universality that let them pass fluently from past to modern and back.
"YOUNG SIBERIA" (Novosibirsk)

When these five musicians are together they can reach any tops - either of Russian sacred classic or jazz passions. Their artistic fantasy is various. Americans called them "Russian ensemble of Peace" but in native Novosibirsk they are famous and beloved as Pavel Sharomov Vocal Ensemble. "ARGUMENTS AND FACTS" (Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky)

Excited public applauded after two "encores". In the end of the concert incomparable human voice sounded again. It was "Evening song" by Mathias Claudis, that was maintained by the whole hall…

At the first part of the program the ensemble performed the compositions by Bortnyansky, Tchaikovsky and other
music of Russian orthodox liturgy. Singers demonstrated brilliant unity of their tender and deep voices. There were spirituals at the second part. "TURINGER ALGEMEINE" (Germany)
"My name is Katy Hogan, and I live in Anchorage, Alaska. I am currently studying Russian at West High School. I first heard the Sharomov Vocal Ensemble perform at the Russian Day at the University on May 5th. I was so impressed with the ensemble that I attended 3 more concerts that were performed in Anchorage.

The Sharomov Vocal Ensemble is one the best groups I have ever heard, and I feel very privileged that I got the chance to hear this amazing group. The singing is so beautiful, and very moving. I bought the CD that was for sale at the concerts, and I listen to it every day. My favorite songs are "Let There be Peace on Earth," "Elijah Rock," "Ain't Misbehaving," "Fisherman," "Name That Tune," "Bless the Lord, Oh My Soul," and every other song that the ensemble sings!

My question is, where can I find more Cd's of the Sharomov Ensemble? Are there any plans to record another CD? I cannot wait until I see the Sharomov Vocal Ensemble again. Are there any plans to return to Anchorage in the future? I certainly hope so, and I guarantee that I will be at every concert.

Please pass my sincere compliments on to the singers. They all have beautiful voices and extraordinary singing abilities. Thank you so much for allowing me to experience this amazing group of singers!"

Katy Hogan

"Thank you for a very beautiful evening of listening and experiencing your ensemble at St Patrick's hall in Anchorage, Alaska. With the CD in hand, I can continue to enjoy the evening. I will send an email to all my friends in the Palmer/Wasilla area, to have them go to your concert on Friday, and will tell them it is truly worth the cost. Also, I will send an email to others in the Anchorage area for the Sunday concert, in case they are not aware of it. Your various renditions are truly unique. Congratulations to you, all. IN GOD WE TRUST."

John Michalski, Jr.